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This is the OOC (out of character) community for the survivinghorror game community. All OOC comments should be directed to this community. This community can and should be used for the following:

1) Icon/Art/Banner requests.

2) Plotting and storyline ideas

3) Questions for Moderators

4) Requests for certain characters for given scenes

5) Character updates

6) Discussion of ongoing stories. We ask that you stick to one discussion thread for each scene to avoid clutter and overlap.

Moderators will monitor this community closely. Should a problem arise in gameplay, whether with a story idea or another player, please go through the proper channels. Try to work it out between yourselves first (in a civil manner). If a solution cannot be reached, contact a Moderator. Remember, you make the Moderator's job much easier if you offer a possible solution or two with your problem. If your problem is with a Moderator, contact a different Moderator and we will discuss the problem amongst the Mod team.

This community does not allow racism, sexism, flaming, or other discrimination/attacking of others and their beliefs. We're all adults, act like it.

As always, Lj-Cuts are your friends for any post over two paragraphs in length, NSFW material, material that may be offensive to others, and artwork.


Resident Evil, its characters, locations and all other affiliations are copyrighted by Capcom. We do not own or claim any of these properties.