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Victor Sanders

For all of you that are confused by the Turks and what they are doing, here is a report composed of information that can be helpful. Questions can be thrown at me and you all know how to contact me and all that mother jazz.

The Turks have reconnected via the Nexus. They have organized into an Anti-Umbrella group since Rufus was assassinated by Wesker and Elsa Singer. Think of it like the assassination of the Duke of Austria; it’s kind of like that.

The Cani Dalla Fogna, known in English as The Sewer Dogs, is their new name. They will travel in and out of the Nexus, to different worlds, to different bases, in search of information. They’re much like Ada and her Organization, except they break more laws and they don’t have a loyalty to anyone but themselves. Reno has contacted Ada and he will work with her off and on. They aren’t “partners”, more like business associates. Tseng, the leader of the group, is currently working out of the VII world. The base of operations for the Turks will be the old Shinra mansion, which has been taken by Nicholai. That whole dilemma will be explained at a later point in time.

The Group, due to their former affiliation with Umbrella, has a set of Alias they go by now as well. To reiterate, here they are according to rank.

Tseng Xu; Shacho
Reno Daltmeir: Victor Sanders
Rude: Unknown; he is being NPCed.
Elena Gregors: Alex Martinez

The Turks are much an underground Mafia group. They are not going to play nice; assassination, kidnapping, stealing, and anything else they can do to fuck Umbrella over, they will do it. They don’t have morals, they don’t have rules. And yes, Reno is still bitter about what happened between him and Team Good, though he knows most of it is his fault. However, he isn’t going to hurt Team Good and he won’t fuck around with them unless they fuck around with him or the Turks.

As of now, Reno is in Jill’s hands. He has to stay there, as there are trust issues. The rest of them are in Wutai and Nibelheim. Reno will disappear there on occasion, but he is under Jill’s watchful eye. Thus, he will probably be around during Halloween and will probably be incognito. This should cause some hilarity.

The Goal of the Turks is to bring Wesker down along with Elsa Singers. Anyone else in their package is game for an attack. Killing the President of Shinra INC isn’t good; it’s like taking out the Mob Boss. Now, I won’t be directly doing Wesker vs. The Turks; it’ll be more like, Turks take out old employee A, there is news story about it, more old, nameless employees are taken out, etc. If anyone wants to get involved with any Turk things, tell me. I would love to have them interact with former enemies that are now “allies” to an extent.

There are other subplots that may happen with the Turks. An introduction to a Jenova/T-Virus creature may be a possible future plan, but I don’t know. I’m not rushing anything, since I’m probably going to take some personal time off and all that mother jazz. We also have a secluded idea that really just involves the Turks in Junon dealing with a leak of a virus in the Underwater Reactor Facility done by Nicholai. Again, that will be at a later date and we will post a report on that so everyone knows what is going on.

The possibilities of things leaking off from the Turks are kind of endless. If you guys want an investigation done on the hits that they do, that’s cool. If Hunnigen wants to get involved after rumors of the Cani Dalla Fogna get passed around, that is cool too. Hell, there can be some mercenary action against the Turks as well from Team Evil. Just tell me what you think.

Anyway, that’s it for Report I. There will be more in the future.

As a side note, I was also thinking of incorporated Jenova/Mako hybrids of Umbrella B.O.W.s sometime later. Any suggestions? Comments? Concerns?
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