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So, I put up a very loose plothook over on Chris' journal. I have nothing in particular planned. I just figured this would be a way we could get a little something going.

If anyone's interested, please let me know.

Or if nobody is, that's cool too. I can just go ahead with it on my own.
Got Your Back

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So, Tony and I were discussing the possibility of doing a Halloween party in RP for all of the characters, maybe even invite Nexus people as well. No major plottage here, just a chance to write with each other and have a little fun.

If anyone's interested, let me know, and I'll smooth out details.

Send questions thisaway, please.
I can do this

Kr-Krauser... broke my knife...

So everyone is up to date on plot progression and has a chance to give their buck-oh-five:

In order:

+ The black hats are mobilizing! Krauser, acting on his own agency (so he says), decides to pay a woefully-underprepared and rudely awakened Becky a visit. Action, snappy banter and hijinx ensue. Yoko intercepts Becky's distress call and Krauser pretends to be the President of the United States. After-the-fact, Becky is questioned by the police and released after again notifying Yoko of goings-on so the team is not in the dark, then drops by to see Eiko and get patched up (which is mostly for personal reference, so is not linked here). These threads are both finished.

+ Afterwards, Krauser and Wesker deal with spillover damage from the altercation. And, also, their manly feelings. Medicine is involved, as well as science. (Still in progress.)

As always, questions, comments, etc. are welcome. If you have anything to add, lemme know.
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Becky // Unsure

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So, hi and stuff. I come to you bearing something plotty(tm) that Tony and I have been batting around. It doesn't need to be a huge thing, but as mentioned in Becky's last entry, there was an off-screen "solo" mission she was sent on with a few of Leon's little subordinates to Brazil that turned disastrous.


The team, slowed down by some sickness in the ranks, missed their rendezvous time to rescue a scientist penned up in a smaller Umbrella facility. This turned out to be good, because said facility was bombed; apparently a clean-wipe by the Brazilian and U.S. government (acting on the U.S' intelligence). For an important plan/individual such as that scientist and the field agents to be sacrificed so quickly, there was predictably a snap-decision on behalf of someone important to declare the mission aborted. So there is essentially a rat in the midst on Team Good, feeding misinformation to the higher ranks. But WHO. Hmmm.

Nobody was hurt, but it's obvious bad info is being passed around where Umbrella is concerned, supposedly to throw the STARS guys (and Leon's STRATCOM unit) off of their scent. We can play this up as major or minor as you guys want, but maybe we can get the ball rolling with this once again! Start slow, you know?

I know you dudes don't wanna do huge political intrigue and stuff - so if you want, I've been cooking up a bit of a "shoot stuff and blow up compounds" adventure around this (now with a bit of help from Tony). Tell me what's up/if you like it/hate it/want me eaten alive by ice weasels/etc.!
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Between some unexpected personal stuff, plus the work schedule from hell, I've been a bit lazy on the rp front recently.

I think I have to post somewhere in the pup-swap thread over on survivinghorror so we can get that rolling again. And I owe Munnigan a few posts.

Anything I'm forgetting?
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A cut above.

((Nexus LOL!))

((Not completely Nexus compliant Krauser.

In fact, rather different Jack. Still going to try to kill people.

What happened? He's either from Leon's original universe and the other was a slightly AU version. . . or the other way around. Nexus LOL. That, or it's all caused by swamp gas reflecting the light from Venus.))

Why can I never land the OOC comm on the first try?

Clarification! DATES!

Okay--can we all have met to swap by Thursday? Dru, if you can't be on AIM, can I have an email address?

Also! I got a question about taking these into other comms. I am working on the assumption that this is a SurvivingHorror thing; hence Derekexclusions. So, if you want to take the poor puppet out into Dear_Multi, check with the mun first. (And maybe stick an OOC note up so other muns know what they're dealing with.)

It looks like we're set to go on Friday, because HUNK is going to be carrying a lot of this on his brawny shoulders and we don't want to fry Will by getting him on a day that's not quite so good. So. Friday, mayhem. Yeses. :3

((Plot, in the RIGHT journal this time.))

Jess is doing our randomization, because she waved first and nobody asked for anyone.

And the results are in. . .Collapse )

HUNK is probably going to be our playing-against-person. Because there's only one HUNK, and to give people a chance to do more, there will be Bad Weather.

Will, it looks like your schedule's going to be the most challenging now; when's good for you?

This is basically what happens:Collapse )

Feedback? Comments? Bricks? Calls for my head?