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Kr-Krauser... broke my knife...

So everyone is up to date on plot progression and has a chance to give their buck-oh-five:

In order:

+ The black hats are mobilizing! Krauser, acting on his own agency (so he says), decides to pay a woefully-underprepared and rudely awakened Becky a visit. Action, snappy banter and hijinx ensue. Yoko intercepts Becky's distress call and Krauser pretends to be the President of the United States. After-the-fact, Becky is questioned by the police and released after again notifying Yoko of goings-on so the team is not in the dark, then drops by to see Eiko and get patched up (which is mostly for personal reference, so is not linked here). These threads are both finished.

+ Afterwards, Krauser and Wesker deal with spillover damage from the altercation. And, also, their manly feelings. Medicine is involved, as well as science. (Still in progress.)

As always, questions, comments, etc. are welcome. If you have anything to add, lemme know.
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