Ingrid Hunnigan (pro_voice) wrote in fullautofuneral,
Ingrid Hunnigan

Why can I never land the OOC comm on the first try?

Clarification! DATES!

Okay--can we all have met to swap by Thursday? Dru, if you can't be on AIM, can I have an email address?

Also! I got a question about taking these into other comms. I am working on the assumption that this is a SurvivingHorror thing; hence Derekexclusions. So, if you want to take the poor puppet out into Dear_Multi, check with the mun first. (And maybe stick an OOC note up so other muns know what they're dealing with.)

It looks like we're set to go on Friday, because HUNK is going to be carrying a lot of this on his brawny shoulders and we don't want to fry Will by getting him on a day that's not quite so good. So. Friday, mayhem. Yeses. :3
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