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Ingrid Hunnigan

((Plot, in the RIGHT journal this time.))

Jess is doing our randomization, because she waved first and nobody asked for anyone.

Will now has HUNK and Claire.
I will now be playing your David and your Chris.
Jess is running away with Leon and Linda. Where Linda will fit in I am not certain. WE WILL MAKE HER FIT, FETCH ME THE SHOEHORN.
Dave now has a Becky and a Billy. And other things that start with B.
Dru now has a slightly used Kevin. Ditto slightly used Hunnigan.

HUNK is probably going to be our playing-against-person. Because there's only one HUNK, and to give people a chance to do more, there will be Bad Weather.

Will, it looks like your schedule's going to be the most challenging now; when's good for you?

This is basically

Some of the STARS team--read, everyone who didn't throw their pups into the hat--are off on training and similar; whatever their muns want them to be doing. People who are present at New Fed Shiny STARS HQ are tapped for a quick "the window's open now, this is a nice chance to heave a brick through it" mission. There's an offshore base disguised as some sort of oil well or something that Umbrella doesn't know the government's onto.

A Big Nasty Storm is approaching, and Umbrella's security change-of-guard is going to be delayed, while their n00b security HUNK is there to train went "so what if our replacements are delayed? We've done our time; screw this, we're going home" while HUNK wasn't looking. Suddenly, the base is relatively understaffed, save for HUNK and about five redshirts. So the Feds want everyone who's there to sprintify in, hop in a boat, zoom out there, get on the base, avoid the Very Dangerous Areas, steal files, plant explosives, and go home while big cinematic explosions take place in the background. If HUNK needs help, bad weather can strand people in different parts of the base and threaten them and basically NPC for us.

This should involve everyone. We're like 90% STARS pups, and all the STARS are naturals. Hunnigan can be relatively on-scene as a relay, because different parts of the base have interference. Her stuff is better at picking up transmissions than other carry-size STARS tools, so when others hear static, she hears voices; she can float in a little boat just out of scanning range and coordinate. If need be, bad weather can force her into taking shelter on the understaffed rig, to be a less useless Ashley. All that depends on the player. Linda will be flying everyone in and hanging out with Hunnigan to wait until it's time to fly everyone back out.

So that we all have the same general idea in our heads of what this place looks like, I made a map. Obviously, I spent more than five minutes on this.

Feedback? Comments? Bricks? Calls for my head?
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