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((Character-swapping for fun and. . . fun.))

I know everything's still hectic for people; I'd like to have this idea laid out there for feedback, polishing, whatever. And we can pick it up when we're all back.

This game has gotten a wee bit un-Nexusy in the matter of alternates. We've only got one alternate (Young!Wesker has been kept separate) and we're all very conscious of not treading on each other's toes. I play Krauser. . . in another game. We've only got one Claire, despite the wealth of Claires on the internet. We're AU sparse.

So we've probably all wanted to play Leon at least briefly, but our Leon slot is filled; another Leon would be like. . . er, another Leon. You get what I'm saying.

Because I can't communicate, I'm jumping right to it:
We take the core cast.

-Dave would put up whichever of his two pups the plot calls for. Or both, if someone wanted a shot at playing either. I'm not sure how to work that.

-If you want to throw another pup in there who's a little fringier, sure. My primary character is Rau, but Hunnigan's more of a strict canon RP pup, so I'm putting her up instead. (If anyone wants to play Rau, they can poke me, and for this arc? I'll just hand her over.)

We switch around at random, with names chosen by. . . someone we trust to keep them random.

-I don't care who; I'd let anyone here roll. If you want to nominate someone because you trust them most, poke me in IM.

-We all know the canon and the personalities, and we have a feel for the way each other person plays them. But really, for this arc, it can be assumed it's primarily our call for how they act. If a major dilemma comes up and you want to refer to the original mun, go for it. . . but again, I trust people not to have Hunnigan decide to go sell drugs or something.

-If you have a pup you CANNOT PLAY, and you know it, just go "if I get this one and there's others left, reroll." This isn't really a high-stress RP, so really, just take a shot.

-Of course there's rerolls. If I get Hunnigan, I will :/ .

We play!

-We play one of the brief, isolated plots: something somewhere needs to be investigated and blown up. STARS goes and does it.

-If someone's not comfortable handing over their pup, another journal needs to be made, whatever--but I think we can all trust each other to return journal property.

-We will, of course, be respectful. I will not, say, change Becky's LJ background to a baby walrus or change all her userpics to her PB pouting or similar. (If I want to change an userpic for inspiration reasons, I'll ask permission and be sure to change it back when I return the journal. But since we've already got so many lovely, lovely shinies, I think we can assume we won't be changing those.)

We give everything back.

-Just the way it was but everyone's a few adys older. :3 The pup shouldn't have been permanently damaged, scarred, or had major alterations to relationships. Stuff that happened in the arc probably should be considered continuity, but how much of that is up to the original mun.

Specifically, we play a single arc with a strict beginning, a strict ending, and then we switch back.

-This doesn't actually need to be said, but here it is. Interpretations are going to differ, and someone's probably going to contradict a minor characterization point somewhere along the line. Big deal. We all know the characters, and I don't think anyone's going to have Claire spontaneously give birth or something. It's still going to recognisably be the characters, right? People act funny under stress, and we can always have had Umbrella put something in the water supply or a nifty gas in the air. We handwave. There's no need to be critical. We just hand all the pretty journals back to the original owner, just like they were. And we are all happier and enriched.

So, when? I have no idea. When things are settled more for people in RL. Who? Whatever pups people want to have a shot at playing. How? We randomly pull out a paper list of muns; we line them up with a paper list of pups. If someone threw two pups in, the mun list was randomly selected, and we just keep drawing names starting over again with that list. (If someone just wants to take on one, they should say.)

What does this do? It just breaks us up a little, lets us hit the ground running, and gives us a chance to do something different. If we really love it, we do it once a year or something.
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