Albert Wesker (dasgottesurteil) wrote in fullautofuneral,
Albert Wesker

ooc; information for team good, if you guys want it

When there was an attack on Wesker's base, he released the T-Virus into the building and locked it up. There were Hunters already down there, as well as other things, like dogs, a wolf or two, and soldiers and scientists from both Spencer and Wesker's team. Should someone want to pick up on this and use it to have an investigation done, please do! It'd be a cool chance to get team evil and team good together again.

I could always have Wesker have someone drop a line as well to lead Team Good into a trap so that they can try to survive and also face Wesker's Ultimate Bio-Weapon. >BD

Or, maybe, there could be reports that there are weird noises coming from the sewers around the city and some pets and children have gone missing?

I don't know. Just something I'm throwing out there.
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