Leon S. Kennedy (governmentninja) wrote in fullautofuneral,
Leon S. Kennedy

Random musings

While looking over the timeline stuff it kind of dawned on me that, despite Wesker, 1999's Umbrella would still be Spencer's Umbrella while 2006 is Wesker's Umbrella. Which got me thinking, since Spencer doesn't seem to be needed in 2006, and we're shutting down his Umbrella anyway, why not send him and his Umbrella out with a bang?

I don't have anything detailed in mind, but I figure that since Spencer is nuts anyway, he would pull some stunt once either immediately after the US hands down the Indefinite Suspension of Business order as an last act of vengeance, or just before in some desperate bid to stay in power. The REtards, now having finished their training, go back and interfere, and end Spencer's Umbrella once and for all... but in doing so they end up clearing the deck for Wesker to start building his Umbrella.

I figure it would be a good cap on that phase of the rp. Anyway, thoughts?
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