Leon S. Kennedy (governmentninja) wrote in fullautofuneral,
Leon S. Kennedy

To clarify Leon's role a bit...

Leon isn't a member of STARS, and won't be involved in any of the day-to-day operations (hence why he's not at the meeting). He'll be around a lot as one of STRATCOM's liaison officers (Hunnigan being another, with occasional appearances by Bruce). But when he's around, odds are its time for a mission.

As far as the setup goes, whenever STRATCOM has an assignment for STARS, it'll be up to Leon and Hunnigan to fill the team in on the objectives and necessary details. Most of the info dumping will be up to Hunnigan, though. Mission planning is up to Chris, though Leon and Hunnigan are there to assist should he need anything. Leon will be with the team on the ground (or in the air as another chopper pilot if needed) for some missions, mostly to make sure that all the evidence doesn't get blown up. Field command, though, is entirely Chris's.

Also, if we're still running with the whole "Someone in the Department of Defense has it out for the STARS", Leon can act as a buffer between STARS and the upper levels of the DoD, so the STARS don't get screwed over too badly.

So, thoughts, questions, or anything?

Also, I'll be putting up a post in Leon's journal soon (or maybe over on SH) where he shows up to check out the STARS' shithole of a base.
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